We Say Goodbye to Our Long Term 2022 Volkswagen Passat

This 2022 Volkswagen Passat mid-size sedan is VW’s way of saying goodbye to Passat production here in the states, and unfortunately, after 4,000-miles, it’s also time for us to say goodbye to it.

We’ve only had this Passat a few months, but since it’s mostly the same as it’s been for a number of years we didn’t go through that whole awkward “get to know you” phase. For instance, the steering is exactly as we’ve come to expect from Volkswagen. Nice and accurate, but with the light weight that keeps it comfortable for daily driving. For me, that’ll be one of the things I remember about this car. Godspeed, Passat. You will be missed.

We’ve driven all manner of roads over the last 3-months; but the Passat spent most of its time performing basic commuting duty, and seemed to embrace that role with great comfort, plenty of space, and tech that may not be as flashy as many, but does what you need without being complicated.

VW’s tried and true 2.0-liter turbo-4 wasn’t always simpatico with the 6–speed automatic; but felt more powerful than its 174-horsepower rating, and delivered a great 31.1 miles-per-gallon fuel economy. So, If you fancy a fine family sedan, you might want to grab a Passat while you can.

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