We Say Goodbye to our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Long Term after 20,000-Miles

Well, we knew this day would come; time to say goodbye to our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime.

We’ve spent an entire year with this compact hybrid, finishing with 19,774 miles. Overall efficiency rests at 59.9 miles per gallon combined– a testament to Toyota’s Hybrid System. A peppy power plant, even when it relied solely on the Prime’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder.

It’s not without flaws; we still wish the center stack controls were easier to use. Still, a small gripe it more than made up for during these times of high-priced petrol.

“After being sentenced to one year of hard labor at MotorWeek, this Prius Prime hasn’t fussed one bit. And for the most part, neither have we. You could always ask for more horsepower or in this case more all-electric driving range, but the truth is, the 25 miles it gave us was usually enough. And those quiet, battery-powered miles just made it that much more comfortable. Not bad for a 6-year-old car due for a redesign.”

The Prius Prime weathered snowstorms, extreme summer heat, and everything in between. It kept us cozy for the long hauls and provided ample room for everyday errands.

At the risk of sounding too sentimental: so long, Prius Prime. May you live on to pinch pennies for years to come.

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