Fisker Ocean First Look | All-New All-Electric SUV From Famed Automaker | Release, Interior, & More

The Fisker Ocean is an upcoming all-electric compact SUV from famed automotive designer Henrik Fisker. In this video, Travis Langness from Edmunds gives you an exclusive first look at the 2022 Fisker Ocean SUV from the LA Auto Show. Slated to begin production late 2022, the electric Ocean SUV is the first vehicle marked for mass production from Fisker, with a price tag that holds up against other small SUVs like the Honda CR-V. Does the Fisker Ocean electric SUV have the goods to compete in a crowded compact SUV segment? We’re excited to find out. This is Edmunds’ First Look of the 2022 Fisker Ocean.

2022 Fisker Ocean review & pricing:

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Design 01:11
Interior 05:33
Specs 11:00
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