Drag Race! Ford Mustang Mach-E GT vs. Tesla Model Y Performance | 0-60, Roll Race, & More

In this drag racing video, the Tesla Model Y Performance takes on the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in a showdown to see which is the fastest electric car. The Tesla Model Y Performance has taken down almost every car thrown her way, but can it defeat the new EV on the block, the Mustang Mach-E GT? Ryan ZumMallen from Edmunds is at our test track to find out which of these EV have the better 0-60 time and reveals who won in a roll race. Can the 2021 Ford Mach-E GT take down the 2020 Model Y? Watch to find out. This is the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT vs. Tesla Model Y Performance drag race.

2020 Tesla Model Y review & pricing: https://edmu.in/3okOn7Z
2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E review & pricing: https://edmu.in/3H9V4Tb

Intro 00:00
Race One 02:30
Race Two 04:47
Roll-On Race 06:26
At The Lab 09:11

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Bushwacker Leads the Way in Practicality and Pimping

As you will already recognize, ‘pimping your flight’ is large business. Great deals of individuals just wish to make their automobile stand apart a little from comparable automobiles when driving, but also for some it’s even more of a practical point. Bushwacker is thought about by several to be ‘the’ US body equipment firm for pick-up trucks and also SUV’s, having been in service for over forty years, with their items offering both functional and also aesthetic functions. The company is probably best understood for its fender flares, yet gives various other safety attachments too.

Why Add Fender Flares on Your Truck?

Have you ever considered including a collection of fender flares to your gear? That is a terrific concept! You can not protect against the mud that spraying on your wheels, yet you can reduce unwanted dirt by making use of fender flares.

How to Deal With a Locked Keys in Car Situation

Every one people have our very own dull-witted moments, that is a truth that we simply can’t deny. And also it ought to be risk-free to say that one of the worst dull-witted minutes that we can be in is absolutely the locked tricks in cars and truck situation. So you stop by a corner store to get a couple of crucial groceries and also when you return, you have actually figured out that your automobile is secured with your secrets inside. The majority of people that have actually had this unfortunate circumstance take place to them have the tendency to go right into a setting of panicking, which is taken into consideration to be disadvantageous.

Options To Lower Your Ride

There are a number of parts to select from that will certainly allow you lower your cars and truck according to your preferred height. It helps to get more information regarding each and every part you encounter prior to actually deciding to buy.

All Weather Car Mats Reviewed

A great number of individuals invest a massive amount of time every day passing by their cars and truck, and so for them, their automobile ends up being a second home. Unlike the fashionable looking customized car companions, an all climate car floor covering is constructed out of a very sturdy product, mostly virgin rubber.

Ferrari 458 Italia Manettino, Launch Control and Interior

As every brand-new Ferrari, the Ferrari 458 Italia has a special layout technique as well as modern technology developments to attain undeniable efficiency and driving experience. Inquiry concerning the Ferrari 458 today at Authorized Ferrari dealerships.

Why You Should Wash and Wax Your Car This Spring

With wintertime over, springtime right here as well as summertime time on its means you wish to tidy up your car from winter gunk. While it’s a nice cozy springtime day and the water in the hose pipe is streaming it’s a great time to clean and also wax your vehicle or car for both part of a great and also solid with cleaning and for included protection from the elements.

Top 3 Reasons You Need A Hub Cap

A wheel cap or hubcap is developed to readily fit onto your wheel and also be slipped off equally as conveniently in case of a puncture or if you need a tire modification. The breeze or clip system is made use of for securing it and maintaining it secure. The simplicity and also ease of the snap approach suggests a quicker installment than that of edges. The clip system has a stress wire that enters a circle around the inside of the hubcap. The stress applied by the cord what keeps it safe and secure and avoids it from diminishing as you drive however you can still glide it off quickly as needed. Actually, it’s very easy to appreciate the most effective of both globes by selecting wheel caps that simulate the appearance of edges. Below are 3 factors you ought to have hub caps.

Tinting Smart

When you as a customer are considering having your auto properly tinted there are many things to consider. The dimension of your cars and truck, what kind, and the number of home windows you would want tinted.

Accessorise Your Car – Stand Out Among Other Road Users

Our cars are an extension of our character and also we like to accessorise them to show us and our design. There are lots of ways we can do this from cheap and joyful to complete on no cost saved. Whether you have an adorable little run around or an extra-large people mover accessorising it can make driving just that little bit more satisfying.

My Best Car Accessories

Having to drive allot for my work I simulate to keep myself entertained while driving about, that’s why car accessories are a large component of my vehicle and also without them my life would decently be allot a lot more dull than it is, listed below are some of my favored automobile accessories I make use of. My sat-navigation system is likewise a should for me as I’m entirely ineffective when it comes to obtaining someplace without obtaining lost en route, prior to I had one I used to pull over every pair of miles taking a look at a map as well as stressing …

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