Drag Race! Chevy Corvette vs. BMW M4 Competition | 0-60, Performance, Acceleration, Roll-on & More

The Chevrolet Corvette and BMW M4 Competition are two of the most premier sports cars on the road today. In this drag race video, Carlos Lago and Kurt Niebuhr from Edmunds take the Chevrolet Corvette and BMW M4 Competition out to the track for a day of drag racing. Watch as our experts push these two sport coupes to the limit as we test 0-60 mph times, braking distances and more. Both the Corvette and M4 have around 500 horsepower and similar weights. Which one is quicker? Find out in this drag race of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette vs. 2021 BMW M4 Competition.

The Chevrolet Corvette, one of the most recognizable sports cars in the world, is known for its stylish looks and value. For 2020, Chevrolet decided to take the Corvette up a notch by moving to a mid-engine layout. The results are impressive. The new powertrain layout enhances every part of the driving experience. The steering and handling on the Corvette give the driver more confidence in taking the car to its limits. The 2020 Corvette is strong, quick and easy on the eyes. Oh, and it was our pick for Edmunds Top Rated Sports Car for 2021.

Redesigned for 2021, the BMW M4 Competition is a fast and powerful luxury sport coupe. Producing 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, the M4 Competition can get moving in a hurry. At our test track, it covered the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds at 122.7 mph, which is on par with not its usual rival, the Mercedes-AMG C 63. With all that power, you’d expect the cabin to be on the louder side, but noise and vibration are kept to a minimum. Overall, the 2021 M4 is quick and nimble on the track and will give any competitor a run for its money.

Chevy vs. BMW! Corvette vs. M4! It’s a sports car drag race between the Chevrolet Corvette and the BMW M4. Two powerful sport coupes face off to see which one has the fastest 0-60 mph and quarter-mile acceleration. It’s the 2020 Chevy Corvette vs. 2021 BMW M4 Competition drag race.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette reviews & pics: https://edmu.in/3wmfqBR
2021 BMW M4 Competition review & pics: https://edmu.in/36gROnL

Intro 00:00
Race 1 03:04
Race 2 04:21
Roll-on Race 1 06:46
Roll-on Race 2 08:06
Conclusion 08:45

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Yamaha Utility ATV Range 2009 – The Big Bear 250cc Utility ATV

When individuals speak about ATV’s there are constantly greater than 2 sides to the coin. You have the business/work steed owner like a farmer as an example, after that there are enjoyable hunters that such as the slow, up off the ground strategy – after that there is Yamaha! Lets see what classification you come under, I bet one of the first two?

Yamaha Utility ATV Range 2009 – Grizzly 700 EPS ATV Utility Vehicle

With great deals of 2008 designs still sitting at suppliers the 2009 versions are well out in the open. The large concern is “Will the dealers remove the 08 supply prior to the 2010 versions are announced? With the 2009 Grizzly lurking in large areas, will it reveal it’s real colours or will the “08” look the better acquire?

Yamaha Utility ATV Range 2009 – The Grizzly 125 ATV Utility Vehicle

2009 has actually launched a number of NEW versions for Yamaha Utility ATV and also, they are trying to take the marketplace share simply like they have in the efficiency market. The Engine sizes begin from a 125 and also increase up to the 700 giant that they call – The Ultimate ATV.

Choosing an ATV Or Recovery Winch

When it pertains to accessories for your off roadway lorry, a winch is among the most vital devices you can get. If you’re a hardcore off roader, no doubt you’re mosting likely to find yourself in a couple of sticky situations. An ATV or recovery winch can get you out as well as back on the trail in a snap, so you can invest much less time stuck in the mud and even more time playing.

Quad Bike Maintenance – ATV Maintenance – Buggy Maintenance – Mini Moto Maintenance

Post No3: General Tips on Preserving Your Quad Bike, ATV, Buggy or Minimoto. Must you possess among these rvs, it is always good practice to ensure that you keep up the standard upkeep also between solution schedules. This will certainly long-term aid maintain your equipment fault complimentary and also by doing periodical maintenance not only will it save you money long-term but additionally reduces the possibility of failure to relocating as well as none moving parts.

Buying a Quad Bike – Where to Buy a Quad Bike

If you are seeking to Buy a Quad Bike or ATV, we have listed here some suggestions and also techniques which gives an understanding right into what to seek. Even though lots of Quad Bikes are fitted with a distance registration tool (speedometer with mileage counter) some off roadway devices do not have them. This obviously does not assist when trying to find out how much time the engine has actually been ran for or how many miles the Quad Bike or ATV has covered.

Maintenance of the Automotive Systems

Maintenance of your vehicle systems must be done according to criteria discussed by manufacturers. Besides proposing the right upkeep of auto systems, you can also expect of certain enlistment in your auto for boosting automotive efficiency.

How to Install Grip Warmers For the Winter

Hold warmers are a terrific development for ATV fans that just can’t stop freing in the chilly cold weather. Also with ridding gloves and hand guards you can get cold. That is why we suggest purchasing a collection of grip warmers. They can make the difference between a wonderful ATV trip on a cool day and a bone chilled flight.

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Discovering exactly how to winch out is an essential off-road skill. If you’re a hardcore off-road enthusiast, no uncertainty you’re going to get stuck occasionally. If you have actually got an ATV or recuperation winch and understand exactly how to utilize it, nonetheless, you’ll be out in no time and hitting the road just as hard as ever before. Use your very own profundity and also these detailed guidelines for using your winch securely and properly.

Go Karts Are Not Just For the Asphalt

Off roadway go karts are ending up being increasingly a lot more popular as they offer a greater degree of security and also are generally designed to carry 2 to 4 travelers. Most people when they consider a go kart picture an automobile extremely reduced to the ground that races on an oval asphalt track with space for just one rider, however there is another entire type around.

How to Winch Out – A Basic Guide For ATV and Recovery Winch Safety

Any brave offroader knows that the day will come when the mud as well as rocks dominate your quad, leaving you great and also stuck. If you delight in putting your quad or truck with the hardest filth and also barriers it can manage, you’re going to require a winch that’s powerful sufficient to obtain you out. You’re also mosting likely to require to recognize exactly how to winch out securely.

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