9,000-Mile Update in our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Long Term

We’ve just passed the seven-month mark with our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. With an additional 600 miles since our last update, our odometer now stands at 9,000 miles.

We mentioned a slight decrease in mileage last time, due to winter weather making us run the gasoline engine more; but this time we’re happy to report a slight increase, now 55-and-a-half miles per gallon. We’ll chalk that up to warmer days and more judicious use of the pedal.

With gas prices so high, we’re liking the frugal nature of the Prius Prime even more. But it’s not just the fuel economy of the plug-in hybrid powertrain, it’s the operation. The system’s just as smooth in the city as it is on the highway. And the much improved seat comfort just adds to its righteous road trip abilities.

As far as daily drivers go, our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime continues to impress us. This little PHEV remains a prime choice for commuters everywhere.

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