8,000-Mile Update in our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Long Term

We’re checking in once again with our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime, which has seen quite a bit of pavement since our last update; 2,500 miles of it, to be exact. That brings our total up to 8,000 miles in the five months we’ve had it.

In our last update we noted a slight decrease in mileage and unfortunately that trend has continued. We’re sitting around 54.1 miles-per-gallon down from our peak of 62. It could be attributed to the colder weather, which requires the gasoline engine to run more often.

It’s been really cold here lately so we’ve been running the Prius’ heated seats and steering wheel at full blast. It helps kill the chill, but the gas engine has to compensate for it. Now, we hear it kick on, but we don’t really feel it. That’s a testament to Toyota’s mastering of the hybrid handoff. So, our fuel economy might be suffering a tad, but our daily driving comfort is not.

In fact, this little hybrid recently took us all the way down to Georgia for our yearly Roebling Round-up, and it handled fairly well in the moderate ice storm we passed through. It also made the 10-or-so hours plenty comfortable.

The Prius Prime is still a welcomed addition to our Long Term Fleet.

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