4,000-Miles in our Long Term 2021 Toyota Prius Prime

We’ve been spending lots of time in our 2021 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid, from short trips to the store to 200-plus mile road trips.

We really enjoy the sheer volume fit inside Prime’s small package. A family of 4 is an easy fit thanks to a well thought out cabin. No cramps, no crunches– just comfort. We do wish some of the center stack touch screen controls were a little easier to use, but that available 11.6-inch multimedia display is great for navigating unfamiliar towns.

The 121-horsepower hybrid powertrain is surprisingly responsive. We often find the speedometer creeping up faster than expected.

“We’ve been pretty diligent about making sure we keep the Prius Prime plugged in and charged up so we can use EV mode as much as possible. I mean, you get all of the perks of an EV: a quiet, smooth ride, but it still has plenty of pep for around town driving.”

Even without using this PHEV’s 25 miles of EV-only driving, we are delighted at the fuel economy of 66.6 miles-per-gallon– a big increase over the 53.5 we tallied last period. That big leap was due to autumn leaf-peeping road trips, with some 4,000 miles of seat time in three months.

The Prius Prime is a culmination of Toyota’s best hybrid know-how, and we’re glad to have it in our long term fleet.

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