3,000-Mile Update in our Long Term 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

t’s easily the most stylish Outlander ever; with their Dynamic Shield grille accented with DRLs up top, and the headlights down low.

Manufacturers are constantly looking to save weight and be as efficient as possible with materials, and Mitsubishi acknowledges they went a little too far with the Outlander’s hood. Owners that notice theirs fluttering at high speeds, can visit their dealer for a new hood.

That hasn’t slowed us down at all; 3,000-miles in just 2-months, with a 26.2 miles-per-gallon average. The 181–horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder may not deliver the acceleration of last gen’s PHEV, or the V6s of Outlanders past, but it has proved adequate so far for our needs.

Not only have the looks of the Outlander been improved, but so has the feel. Its road manners are more refined and the engine has no issues keeping up at highway speeds. Now, if you’re really cooking down the interstate the cabin can get a little noisy, but the crisp 10 speaker Bose sound system takes care of that with a quick turn of the volume knob.

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