2022 Hummer EV First Drive | Hummer Goes Electric | Price, CrabWalk, WTF Mode, Range & More

Edmunds 2022 GMC Hummer EV review & pricing: https://edmu.in/3kHD0Xc

The 2022 Hummer EV is an all-electric SUV from GMC. Once an oversized gas-guzzling SUV, the new Hummer EV has gone green while keeping the off-road capabilities of its predecessor. In this video, and after much anticipation, Travis Langness from Edmunds hops in the driver’s seat to give his expert opinion on the Hummer EV along with all his driving impressions. Travis covers the Hummer’s range and engine specs and takes a look at the interior to see what features and technology are offered. Can the Hummer EV be a practical everyday SUV? What is the CrabWalk? Travis answers these questions and more in Edmunds’ First Drive of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV.

Intro 00:00
The Numbers: 01:22
Off-Road Tech: 01:56
Turning Circle: 05:04
CrabWalk: 07:33
Rock Crawling: 10:03
Acceleration: 13:26
Watts to Freedom: 14:25
Edmunds’ Take: 17:37

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Introduction to ATV Tire Chain Use and What Type To Choose

ATV tire chains are beneficial when your automobile needs an increase in grasp. If you’re going to be using an ATV in an area that has snow or ice tire chains are mandatory for safety and security factors, but those aren’t the only problems that necessitate making use of tire chains.

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Because there are numerous kinds of off roading ATV tires, each appropriate for a particular driving environment, you need to initially consider what type of terrain you plan to ride on. If you live near the desert, or you commonly ride in sand, you’re mosting likely to intend to opt for a great sand tire.

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Keeping Your ATV Exhaust Quiet

In my point of view, It is becoming a lot more and also a lot more important to maintain exhaust sound pollution from Quads, UTV’s, and ATC’s to a minimum. Not just are our areas being patrolled and also kept an eye on for sound contamination, so are our favorite riding areas and regional race tracks. We as cyclists require to make certain we are doing everything we can to not irritate the people around us, who might not appreciate the very same recreational tasks that we do.

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Choosing the right exhaust for your ATV or UTV Purchasing a brand-new exhaust for your atv or utv is by far the simplest as well as fastest method to gain lots of additional power from your maker. But prior to you get, It is very important to do your research study as well as not go out as well as acquire the very first or most affordable exhaust system you discover. Absolutely nothing is worse than wasting your difficult made cash money on something your just not delighted with.

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Ever Considered Getting a Fully Robotic ATV to Carry Your Gear Far and Near?

One of the top US protection industry business has come out with a brand-new unmanned ground lorry or UGV which holds 1200 extra pounds on its platform, and also a 50 caliber machine weapon. When the soldiers are marching a long-distance they can place all their hefty equipment on top of the vehicle and it will follow them. Essentially it’s a robotic ATV quad with a flat platform on top, and also lots of hooks to carry the loads.

Recreational Vehicle Covers, Now Is the Time

I am depressing to say it yet summertime is certainly over and autumn remains in full swing. Leaves are transforming, the air is crisp and also the guarantee of winter months is in the air. The outdoor camping trips and boating trips are over, time to cleanse them up as well as save the motor home’s and also various other rvs for the long months ahead.

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